Leather Jackets for motorcycle lovers

I always tell my Brides when they are unsure wether to use White or Black over the dress, to think about what they want to achieve with the Jacket as an accessory. White will not disrupt their outift (assuming you are wearing white), will keep you warm, make you look classy, and still be a timeless memory in your wardrobe.

Katie Rohan contacted me about 6 months prior to her wedding. Time wise, thats as perfect as it can get for me.

These were her initial words:

“I have always known that on my wedding day I would wear a fantastic leather jacket. Being more excited about jacket than the thought of dress shopping. ( side note, I found my dress and absolutely love it) Steve and I also ride motorcycle and have been around bikes/ leather our entire lives. Our first date was on motorcycle, and we plan to leave our wedding ceremony on the motorcycle. So a leather jacket is a must!!I have been following along on your journey for awhile now and am soo excited to be finally getting a show stopping jacket from you! It will be my most amazing accessory!“

We went through her sketch several times until the layout and color were perfect. We included many hidden details to make it even more personal.

A quote on on the inside bottom hem, her new last name under the collar, and geographic coordinates that represent their engagement place, their wedding location and their future home area. Not just any coordinates!

She wanted to include her 2 living dogs and “Lou“, that past away a while ago but was still an important part of her life. For Lou she chose the inside of the front lapel that was “close to her heart“

In the end, the final result was exquisite. Flower cascade on the back, flowers up the sleeves, dog portraits all over, quotes and coordinates, plus a final touch: rhinestones through some leaves on the back. A thoughtfully planed sketch, with a carefully painted canvas, deliver a beautiful, full of meaning, Bridal outfit.

Katie Rohan was thrilled and gifted me this beautiful email after her Wedding:

“I have received my jacket and I am in LOVE! It is more beautiful and perfect than I expected!! You did an absolutely amazing job! I cannot wait to get married in it! 🤍🤍🤍Also the puppy portraits are perfection!
Thank you so much! I will be sure to send you wedding pictures 😉  Love, Katie“

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