Coolest Jacket for him you have ever seen

Lets be honest. Whatever a man needs, he will either go and buy immediately for himself, or he is way too lazy or busy for the process. Well this, is something he does want and need but a perfect chance for you to take the lead.

Come and see what others have created for their husbands.


Ruby, from Florida, contacted me only three months before her wedding day. She wanted to get him a gift. A hand painted Leather Jacket sounded like a great idea and something he has never seen before.

First we discussed the Jacket preferences. I sent her a few options of brands I love, and she ended up going with an AllSaints Moto black Leather Jacket. As for the design, she mentioned a few things he liked such as: Rolling Stones, his dogs, and the color red. She said she definitely wanted a “piece of art“ since they are art collectors, so it needed to be something really special, creative and unique. (yay! music to my ears)

She wanted his astrological sign included and a U.S. flag. that she knows he loves.

Watch the following video to see how Sketches are created.

From a few elements named, I create a sketch out of images I feel inspired by and modify them as needed. All necessary reviews are considered and the sketch is worked on as long as required.

This is how the end result looked just before shipping. I included a close up video for you to see the quality of the work and paint.

An elegant and artistical design. will only increase its value in time.

Made for someone super special. Custom to his personality. Something he will look at and never forget about the person who gifted it to him. Something to use as an ice breaker on social meetings. Something to express, something to feel confident in

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